Vision and Strategy

Our goals provide a framework for how we manage our environmental and social responsibilities and performance.


At NextEra Energy, our vision is to be the largest and most capable clean energy provider in North America.

  • At FPL, we are committed to being the best electric utility in the world, by delivering superior value to our customers, by operating with excellence, and by supporting a constructive regulatory environment.
  • At NextEra Energy Resources, we want to be a highly profitable competitive energy supplier, by growing our leadership position as the world’s leader in renewable energy.
  • As for additional infrastructure, we want to build transmission projects and gas pipelines to connect North America’s energy centers.
  • Across all of our businesses, we build the best skills and capabilities in the industry.

Our environmental responsibilities inform every key decision and business practice. We site, design, develop, construct, operate and maintain our facilities with environmental stewardship in mind. We generate electricity with clean and renewable energy sources. We manage water wisely as a valued natural resource. We seek ways to improve operations to minimize impacts on wildlife near our facilities. And we recycle, reuse or properly dispose of the materials we use in company operations.

As for our social responsibilities, we’re committed to maintaining a high-performing team. We have developed a culture of excellence that sets high expectations for our employees and for our suppliers. Our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics and Supplier Code of Conduct provide a structure for applying operational best practices across the business. We invest in the health and well-being of our employees and their families. We value diversity in background, thought and experience, and we provide a range of process improvement, business and technical training so we can apply leading-edge practices to meet customer needs.

Another aspect of our social responsibility is our commitment to our communities. Wherever we have customers and facilities, we work hard to listen to community needs and help address them. We encourage and reward volunteerism. Our annual Power to Care Week brings together and matches groups of employees with community organizations in need. We sponsor numerous education programs, including a popular and growing robotics initiative whose initial results have exceeded expectations.

Our strategy is not static. We continue to listen to all our stakeholders to help us improve. Technology advances, customer expectations rise, and new challenges emerge. We review our strategy regularly to make sure we can continue moving forward as North America’s clean energy leader.